Pan Am Tour

The XTERRA Pan American Tour is a race series for the Americas.

As a stop on theTour, XTERRA Victoria offers a total of $7500 USD available for Elite athletes distributed equally between men and women as:

$1200 for 1st, $900 for 2nd, 700 for 3rd, $550 for 4th, and $400 for 5th place.

Elites and amateurs competing in the XTERRA Pan American Tour count their best four scores (two Gold, two Silver) from the first nine events plus whatever they get, or don’t get, at the XTERRA Pan American Championship race which will be scored at the 100-point level. Five Scores Total.

Thus, the final point total combines an athlete’s best two Gold scores, best two Silver scores, plus their XTERRA Pan American Championship race points.

Athletes can race in as many of the five Gold events as they like, but just their best two will count at the 100-point level, with other Gold finishes counting at the 75-point level.

XTERRA Victoria distributes points as follows:

SILVER POINTS: 75-Point Basis  

1=75, 2=67, 3=61, 4=56, 5=51, 6=47, 7=43, 8=39, 9=36, 10=33, 11=30, 12=27, 13=25, 14=23, 15=21