Race information

Swim Course

The Championship event swim is two 750m counter clockwise loops in Durrance Lake, a small, clear mountain lake, for a total of 1500m. The Sprint event swim is one 750m counterclockwise loop.  Wetsuits are permitted, depending on water temperature on race morning.  Permitting of wetsuits is determined by the head race official and will be announced at approximately 7 am on race morning.

Athletes wishing to swim in skin suits may only do so if they wear the skin suit for the reminder of the race.

Bike Course

The Championship event bike course is 24k made up of two modified loops of a 12k route primarily in the trails of Mt. Work Park, commonly known as “The Dump”. The course follows a variety of double and single track trails with climbs descents, and lots of fast, flowing trails. Be prepared for a challenge. The Sprint bike course is one loop of the same course. Mountain bikes only will be allowed to be used on the bike course. No cross or road bikes allowed.

Navigating the bike course – (yellow tape)

Exit parking lot

  • Turn R on Willis Point Road
  • L on Ross Durrance
  • L into parking lot
  • First hard L onto Regional, rolling fire road
  • Veer R still on Regional, beginning of a few short loose climbs
  • Turn hard R onto Old Payoff, on to rocky singletrack with a steep pitch
  • Stay L at intersection of Phase Two and Old Payoff
  • Veer R onto Harem Scarem,
  • Continue L on Harem Scarem at T24x, short steep descent
  • L on Waterworks over the log
  • L on Switchback,
  • L on Centerfold, steep rocky descent
  • Veer L continuing on Centerfold, back on wide fire road
  • R on Little Face, rocky bits here
  • R on Crazy Horse
  • Hard R on Fire Drill, smoother singletrack
  • L on Emergency Two down the hill on fire road
  • Quick R just before junction of Second ave and Centerfold
  • R onto Second Avenue
  • Veer R onto Crossover, over the bridge
  • Veer L at Crossover/Bottomfeeder intersection down a very steep but short descent
  • R continue on Crossover up a loose rocky part
  • L continue on Crossover at F67
  • Crossover turns into Ntrail, descending on a nice flowy trail then through rocky parts
  • L on Madonna on rocky singletrack with a bridge
  • L on Second Avenue on to a fire road
  • R onto Kokanee Highway and a short connector trial
  • L onto Regional wide fire road by power lines
  • Still on Regional-flat then long  climb
  • Carry on right on Regional descending
  • R down to Willis Pt Road
  • L on Willis Pt road back to Durrance Lake area

Run Course

The Championship triathlon run course is two 4.6 K loops following the lake trail and a section of the Partidge Hills trail system. There are some flat sections, some narrow winding sections, some steep uphills and lots of rolling downhills. The Sprint triathlon follows one loop of this course.  The Saturday trail run follows three loops of this course.

XTERRA Victoria Run Course


XTERRA Victoria is an inclusive event and we will make every effort to accommodate all athletes.  The bike and run courses are quite technical and are not suitable for wheeled conveyances other than standard mountain bikes.  Para-triathletes wishing to compete at XTERRA Victoria should contact the race director prior to registering.

Race Package Pick-up

There is a race package pick-up (and voluntary bike check) for all triathlon participants on Saturday, July 7th from 2pm to 5pm at Trek Cycles, 338 Catherine Street in Victoria. We encourage all participants to attend RPP on Saturday.  Out of town participants unable to attend the Saturday RPP may pick up their race packages on race morning from 6:30 – 7 am.

Event Parking

The parking lot at Durrance Lake will be closed on triathlon race morning. Parking for the event is on Willis Point Road and in the Mt. Work parking lot on Ross-Durrance Road. There is no parking on Durrance Close (access to the lake from Willis Point Road) and it will be closed from 6:30 to 11:00 on Race Morning. When arriving on race morning leave yourself enough time for the short walk from Willis Point Road and Durrance Close to the Durrance Lake parking lot. Car pooling is encouraged to alleviate parking congestion on Willis Point Road.

Cut Off

There is a time limit of 4 hours to complete the Championship course.  Anyone still on the course after 4 hours will be allowed to finish but should not count on support from race officials and marshals, and will not receive an official time for the event.